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Joel 3:1 New English Translation (NET Bible)

The Lord Plans to Judge the Nations

(4:1)[a] For look! In those[b] days and at that time
I will return the exiles[c] to Judah and Jerusalem.


  1. Joel 3:1 sn Joel 3:1 in the English Bible is 4:1 in the Hebrew text (BHS). See also the note at 2:28.
  2. Joel 3:1 tc The MT and LXX read, “in those days,” while MurXII reads, “in that day.”
  3. Joel 3:1 tc The Kethib has אָשִׁיב (ʾashiv, “I will return the captivity [captives]”), while the Qere is אָשׁוּב (ʾashuv, “I will restore the fortunes”). Many modern English versions follow the Qere reading. Either reading seems to fit the context. Joel refers to an exile of the inhabitants of Judah and Jerusalem in 3:2-6 and their return from exile in 3:7. On the other hand, 2:25-26 describes the reversal of judgment and restoration of the covenant blessings. However, the former seems to be the concern of the immediate context.
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