They have the appearance of horses;(A)
    they gallop along like cavalry.
With a noise like that of chariots(B)
    they leap over the mountaintops,
like a crackling fire(C) consuming stubble,
    like a mighty army drawn up for battle.

At the sight of them, nations are in anguish;(D)
    every face turns pale.(E)
They charge like warriors;(F)
    they scale walls like soldiers.
They all march in line,(G)
    not swerving(H) from their course.
They do not jostle each other;
    each marches straight ahead.
They plunge through defenses
    without breaking ranks.
They rush upon the city;
    they run along the wall.
They climb into the houses;(I)
    like thieves they enter through the windows.(J)

10 Before them the earth shakes,(K)
    the heavens tremble,(L)
the sun and moon are darkened,(M)
    and the stars no longer shine.(N)
11 The Lord(O) thunders(P)
    at the head of his army;(Q)
his forces are beyond number,
    and mighty is the army that obeys his command.
The day of the Lord is great;(R)
    it is dreadful.
    Who can endure it?(S)

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