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23 People of Zion,[a]
celebrate in honor
    of the Lord your God!
He is generous and has sent
the autumn and spring rains
    in the proper seasons.[b]
24 Grain will cover
    your threshing places;
jars will overflow
    with wine and olive oil.

The Lord Will Rescue His People

25 I, the Lord your God,
will make up for the losses
    caused by those swarms
and swarms of locusts[c]
    I sent to attack you.
26 My people, you will eat
    until you are satisfied.
Then you will praise me
for the wonderful things
    I have done.
Never again will you
    be put to shame.

27 Israel, you will know
    that I stand at your side.
I am the Lord your God—
    there are no other gods.
Never again will you
    be put to shame.

The Lord Will Work Wonders

The Lord said:

28 Later, I will give my Spirit
    to everyone.
Your sons and daughters
    will prophesy.
Your old men
    will have dreams,
and your young men
    will see visions.
29 In those days I will even give
my Spirit to my servants,
    both men and women.

30 I will work wonders
in the sky above
    and on the earth below.
There will be blood and fire
    and clouds of smoke.
31 The sun will turn dark,
and the moon
    will be as red as blood
before that great
and terrible day
    when I appear.

32 Then the Lord will save everyone who faithfully worships him. He has promised there will be survivors on Mount Zion and in Jerusalem, and among them will be his chosen ones.

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  1. 2.23 Zion: Jerusalem.
  2. 2.23 in. . . seasons: Or “as he used to do.”
  3. 2.25 swarms. . . locusts: See the note at 1.4.

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