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Job 6:23 New English Translation (NET Bible)

23 Or, ‘Deliver me[a] from the enemy’s power,[b]
and from the hand of tyrants[c] ransom[d] me’?


  1. Job 6:23 tn The verse now gives the ultimate reason why Job might have urged his friends to make a gift—if it were possible. The LXX, avoiding the direct speech in the preceding verse and this, does make this verse the purpose statement—“to deliver from enemies….”
  2. Job 6:23 tn Heb “hand,” as in the second half of the verse.
  3. Job 6:23 tn The עָרִיצִים (ʿaritsim) are tyrants, the people who inspire fear (Job 15:20; 27:13); the root verb עָרַץ (ʿarats) means “to terrify” (Job 13:25).
  4. Job 6:23 tn The verb now is the imperfect; since it is parallel to the imperative in the first half of the verse it is imperfect of instruction, much like English uses the future for instruction. The verb פָּדָה (padah) means “to ransom, redeem,” often in contexts where payment is made.
New English Translation (NET)

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