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Job 41:11 New English Translation (NET Bible)

11 Who has confronted[a] me that I should repay?[b]
Everything under heaven belongs to me![c]


  1. Job 41:11 tn The verb קָדַם (qadam) means “to come to meet; to come before; to confront” to the face.
  2. Job 41:11 sn The verse seems an intrusion (and so E. Dhorme, H. H. Rowley, and many others change the pronouns to make it refer to the animal). But what the text is saying is that it is more dangerous to confront God than to confront this animal.
  3. Job 41:11 tn This line also focuses on the sovereign God rather than Leviathan. H. H. Rowley, however, wants to change לִי־חוּא (li huʾ, “it [belongs] to me”) into לֹא הוּא (loʾ huʾ, “there is no one”). So it would say that there is no one under the whole heaven who could challenge Leviathan and live, rather than saying it is more dangerous to challenge God to make him repay.
New English Translation (NET)

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