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Then Job answered the Lord:

“Indeed, I am completely unworthy[a]—how could I reply to you?
I put[b] my hand over my mouth to silence myself.[c]
I have spoken once, but I cannot answer;
twice, but I will say no more.”[d]

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  1. Job 40:4 tn The word קַלֹּתִי (qalloti) means “to be light; to be of small account; to be unimportant.” From this comes the meaning “contemptible,” which in the causative stem would mean “to treat with contempt; to curse.” Dhorme tries to make the sentence a conditional clause and suggests this meaning: “If I have been thoughtless.” There is really no “if” in Job’s mind.
  2. Job 40:4 tn The perfect verb here should be classified as an instantaneous perfect; the action is simultaneous with the words.
  3. Job 40:4 tn The words “to silence myself” are supplied in the translation for clarity.
  4. Job 40:5 tn Heb “I will not add.”