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14 dread[a] gripped me and trembling,
which made all my bones shake.[b]

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  1. Job 4:14 tn The two words פַּחַד (pakhad, “dread”) and רְעָדָה (reʿadah, “trembling”) strengthen each other as synonyms (see also Ps 55:6).
  2. Job 4:14 tn The subject of the Hiphil verb הִפְחִיד (hifkhid, “dread”) is פַּחַד (pakhad, “trembling”), which is why it is in the singular. The cognate verb intensifies and applies the meaning of the noun. BDB 808 s.v. פַּחַד Hiph translates it “fill my bones with dread.” In that sense “bones” would have to be a metonymy of subject representing the framework of the body, so that the meaning is that his whole being was filled with trembling.