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12 But when they gazed intently[a] from a distance but did not recognize[b] him, they began to weep loudly. Each of them tore his robes, and they threw dust into the air over their heads.[c]

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  1. Job 2:12 tn Heb “they lifted up their eyes.” The idiom “to lift up the eyes” (or “to lift up the voice”) is intended to show a special intensity in the effort. Here it would indicate that they were trying to see Job from a great distance away.
  2. Job 2:12 tn The Hiphil perfect here should take the nuance of potential perfect—they were not able to recognize him. In other words, this does not mean that they did not know it was Job, only that he did not look anything like the Job they knew.
  3. Job 2:12 tn Heb “they tossed dust skyward over their heads.”

12 When they saw him from a distance, they could hardly recognize him;(A) they began to weep aloud,(B) and they tore their robes(C) and sprinkled dust on their heads.(D)

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