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Elihu Continues: God’s Ways Are Beyond Human Understanding

37 “My heart pounds because of this
    and jumps out of its place.
Listen! Listen to the roar of God’s voice,
    to the rumbling that comes from his mouth.
        He flashes his lightning everywhere under heaven.
        His light flashes to the ends of the earth.
        It is followed by the roar of his voice.
        He thunders with his majestic voice.
        He doesn’t hold the lightning back when his thunder is heard.
        El’s voice thunders in miraculous ways.
        It does great things that we cannot understand.

“He says to the snow, ‘Fall to the ground,’
    and to the pouring rain, ‘Rain harder!’
He makes it impossible to do anything[a]
    so that people will recognize his work.
        Animals go into their dens
            and stay in their lairs.
        A storm comes out of its chamber.
            It is cold because of the strong winds.[b]
10 El’s breath produces ice,
    and the seas freeze over.
11 Yes, he loads the thick clouds with moisture
    and scatters his lightning from the clouds.
12 He guides the clouds as they churn round and round
    over the face of the inhabited earth
        to do everything he orders them.
13 Whether for discipline,
    or for the good of his earth,
        or out of mercy,
            he makes the storm appear.

14 “Open your ears to this, Job.
    Stop and consider El’s miracles.
15 Do you know how Eloah controls them
    and makes the lightning flash from his clouds?
16 Do you know how the clouds drift
    (these are the miracles of the one who knows everything),
17 you whose clothes are hot and sweaty,
    when the earth is calm under a south wind?
18 Can you stretch out the skies with him
    and make them as firm as a mirror made of metal?
19 Teach us what we should say to him.
    We are unable to prepare a case because of darkness.
20 Should he be told that I want to speak?
    Can a person speak when he is confused?
21 People can’t look at the sun
    when it’s bright among the clouds
        or after the wind has blown and cleared those clouds away.
22 A golden light comes from the north.
    A terrifying majesty is around Eloah.
23 Shadday, whom we can’t reach,
    is great in power and judgment,
        has more than enough righteousness,
            and does not oppress.
24 That is why people should fear him.
    He does not respect those who think they’re wise.”


  1. Job 37:7 Or “He seals up every person’s hand.”
  2. Job 37:9 Hebrew meaning uncertain.