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Job 33 New Life Version (NLV)

Elihu Keeps On Speaking

33 “But now, Job, hear what I say. Listen to all my words. See, I open my mouth. My tongue in my mouth wants to speak. My words come from my heart that is right. My lips speak in truth what I know. The Spirit of God has made me. And the breath of the All-powerful gives me life. Prove me wrong if you can. Get ready to answer me, and take your stand. See, I belong to God like you. I also have been made from the clay. See, you have no reason to be afraid of me. I should not make it hard for you.

“For sure you have spoken in my hearing. I have heard all you have said. You said, ‘I am pure and without sin. I am not guilty, and there is no sin in me. 10 But see, God finds things against me. He thinks of me as someone who hates Him. 11 He puts my feet in chains, and watches all my paths.’ 12 See, I tell you, in this you are not right. For God is greater than man.

13 “Why do you complain against Him? He does not give a reason for all He does. 14 For God speaks once, or twice, and yet no one listens. 15 In a dream, a special dream of the night, when deep sleep comes upon men, while they sleep in their beds, 16 then He opens the ears of men. He teaches them and makes them afraid telling them of danger, 17 that He may turn man away from wrong-doing and keep him from pride. 18 He keeps his soul from going to the place of the dead. And He keeps his life from being destroyed by the sword.

19 “Man is also punished with pain on his bed and has pain all the time in his bones. 20 So he hates bread, and has no desire for fine foods. 21 His flesh is so wasted away that it cannot be seen. His bones which were not seen stick out. 22 His soul comes close to the grave, and his life to those who bring death.

23 “If there is an angel, one out of a thousand, to speak with God for him, and to show a man what is right for him, 24 then let him be kind to him, and say, ‘Save him from going down to the grave. I have found someone to pay the price to make him free. 25 Let his flesh become young again. Let him return to the days when he was young and strong.’ 26 Then he will pray to God, and God will be pleased with him. He will see His face with joy. And God will make man right with Him again. 27 He will sing to men and say, ‘I have sinned and have not done what is right, but He did not punish me. 28 He has kept my soul from going to the grave. And my life will see the light.’

29 “See, God does all these things twice, even three times, to a man, 30 to turn back his soul from the grave, that he may see the light of life. 31 Hear what I say, O Job, listen to me. Be quiet and let me speak. 32 If you have anything to say, answer me. Speak, for I want to make you right with God. 33 If not, listen to me. Be quiet, and I will teach you wisdom.”

New Life Version (NLV)

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