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27 Iyov continued his speech:

“I swear by the living God,
who is denying me justice,
and by Shaddai,
who deals with me so bitterly,
that as long my life remains in me
and God’s breath is in my nostrils,
my lips will not speak unrighteousness,
or my tongue utter deceit.
Far be it from me to say you are right;
I will keep my integrity till the day I die.
I hold to my righteousness; I won’t let it go;
my heart will not shame me as long as I live.

“May my enemy meet the doom of the wicked;
my foe the fate of the unrighteous.
For what hope does the godless have from his gain
when God takes away his life?
Will God hear his cry
when trouble comes upon him?
10 Will he take delight in Shaddai
and always call on God?

11 “I am teaching you how God uses his power,
not hiding what Shaddai is doing.
12 Look, you all can see for yourselves;
so why are you talking such empty nonsense?

13 “This is God’s reward for the wicked man,
the heritage oppressors receive from Shaddai:
14 if his sons become many, they go to the sword;
and his children never have enough to eat.
15 Those of his who remain are buried by plague,
and their widows do not weep.
16 Even if he piles up silver like dust
and stores away clothing [in mounds] like clay —
17 he may collect it, but the just will wear it,
and the upright divide up the silver.
18 He builds his house weak as a spider’s web,
as flimsy as a watchman’s shack.
19 He may lie down rich, but his wealth yields nothing;
when he opens his eyes, it isn’t there.
20 Terrors overtake him like a flood;
at night a whirlwind steals him away.
21 The east wind carries him off, and he’s gone;
it sweeps him far from his place.
22 Yes, it hurls itself at him, sparing nothing;
he does all he can to flee from its power.
23 [People] clap their hands at him in derision
and hiss him out of his home.

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