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Job 22 Expanded Bible (EXB)

Eliphaz Answers

22 Then Eliphaz the Temanite answered:

“Can anyone ·be of real use to [benefit] God?
    Can even a ·wise [skilled] person ·do him good [benefit him]?
Does it ·help [delight; give pleasure to] ·the Almighty [Shaddai] for you to be ·good [righteous]?
    ·Does he gain anything [What profit is it to him] if you are ·innocent [blameless]?
Does God ·punish [reprimand; reprove] you for ·respecting him [L your fear; C in the sense of piety]?
    Does he ·bring you into court for this [L enter into judgment with you]?
No! It is because your evil is ·without limits [L abundant]
    and your ·sins have [guilt has] no end.
You ·took your brothers’ things for a debt they didn’t owe [L exacted pledges from your brothers for no reason; Ex. 21:25–27];
    you took clothes from people and left them naked.
You did not give water to ·tired [weary] people,
    and you kept food from the ·hungry [famished; starving].
·You were a powerful man who [L The powerful] owned land;
    ·you were honored and [L the favored] lived in the land.
But you sent widows away empty-handed,
    and you ·mistreated [L crushed the arms/strength of the] orphans.
10 That is why traps are all around you
    and sudden danger frightens you.
11 That is why it is so dark you cannot see
    and a flood of water covers you.

12 “·God is [L Is not God…?] in the highest part of heaven.
    See how high the highest stars are [C God is even higher]!
13 But you ask, ‘What does God know?
    Can he judge us through the ·dark clouds [thick darkness]?
14 Thick clouds ·cover [hide] him so he cannot see us
    as he ·walks [wanders] around ·high up in the sky [L the vault/dome of heaven; C Eliphaz suspects Job denies God knows what is going on in human affairs].’
15 Are you going to ·stay on [guard] the ·old [ancient] path
    where ·evil [guilty] people ·walk [tread]?
16 They were ·carried away [or bound up] before their time was up,
    and their foundations were washed away by a ·flood [L river].
17 They said to God, ‘·Leave us alone [Get away from us; 21:14]!
    ·The Almighty can do nothing [L What can the Almighty/Shaddai do…?] to us.’
18 But ·it was God [L was it not he…?] who filled their houses with good things.
    Their ·way of thinking [plan; counsel] is ·different [far] from mine [21:16].

19 “·Good [Righteous] people can watch and be glad;
    the innocent can ·laugh at [mock; ridicule] them and say,
20 ‘Surely our enemies are destroyed,
    and fire burns up ·their wealth [or what is left of theirs].’

21 “·Obey God [L Get along with him] and be at peace with him;
    this is the way to ·happiness [or prosperity; C Eliphaz calls on Job to repent].
22 Accept ·teaching [instruction] from his mouth,
    and ·keep [put] his words in your heart.
23 If you return to ·the Almighty [Shaddai], you will be ·blessed again [L restored].
    So remove ·evil [iniquity] from your ·house [L tent].
24 ·Throw [Put] your gold nuggets into the dust
    and ·your fine gold [L Ophir; C referring to the fine gold of the region of Ophir, perhaps southern Arabia] among the rocks in the ·ravines [wadis].
25 Then ·the Almighty [Shaddai] will be your gold
    and the ·best [choice] silver for you.
26 You will ·find pleasure [delight] in ·the Almighty [Shaddai],
    and you will ·look up [show favor] to him.
27 You will ·pray to [entreat] him, and he will hear you,
    and you will keep your ·promises [vows; C made in anticipation of answered prayer] to him.
28 Anything you decide will be done,
    and light will ·shine on [illuminate] your ways.
29 When people are made humble and you say, ‘·Have courage [or It is pride],’
    then ·the humble [L those with downcast eyes] will be saved.
30 ·Even a guilty person will escape [or He rescues the innocent]
    and ·be saved [or and saves you] because your hands are ·clean [pure].”

Expanded Bible (EXB)

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