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18 The further reply of Bildad the Shuhite:

“Who are you trying to fool? Speak some sense if you want us to answer! Have we become like animals to you, stupid and dumb? Just because you tear your clothes in anger, is this going to start an earthquake? Shall we all go and hide?

“The truth remains that if you do not prosper, it is because you are wicked. And your bright flame shall be put out. There will be darkness in every home where there is wickedness.

“The confident stride of the wicked man will be shortened; he will realize his failing strength. 8-9 He walks into traps, and robbers will ambush him. 10 There is a booby trap in every path he takes. 11 He has good cause for fear—his enemy is close behind him!

12 “His vigor is depleted by hunger; calamity stands ready to pounce upon him. 13 His skin is eaten by disease. Death shall devour him. 14 The wealth he trusted in shall reject him, and he shall be brought down to the king of terrors. 15 His home shall disappear beneath a fiery barrage of brimstone. 16 He shall die from the roots up, and all his branches will be lopped off.

17 “All memory of his existence will perish from the earth; no one will remember him. 18 He will be driven out from the kingdom of light into darkness and chased out of the world. 19 He will have neither son nor grandson left, nor any other relatives. 20 Old and young alike will be horrified by his fate. 21 Yes, that is what happens to sinners, to those rejecting God.”