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18 Bildad the Shuchi said,

“When will you put an end to words?
Think about it — then we’ll talk!
Why are we thought of as cattle,
stupid in your view?
You can tear yourself to pieces in your anger,
but the earth won’t be abandoned just for your sake;
not even a rock will be moved from its place.

“The light of the wicked will flicker and die,
not a spark from his fire will shine,
the light in his tent is darkened,
the lamp over him will be snuffed out.
His vigorous stride is shortened,
his own plans make him trip and fall.
For his own feet plunge him into a net,
he wanders into its meshes.
A trap grabs him by the heel,
a snare catches hold of him.
10 A noose is hidden for him in the ground;
pitfalls lie in his path.
11 Terrors overwhelm him on every side
and scatter about his feet.
12 “Trouble is hungry for him,
calamity ready for his fall;
13 disease eats away at his skin;
the first stages of death devour him gradually.
14 What he relied on will be torn from his tent,
and he will be marched before the king of terrors.

15 “What isn’t his at all will live in his tent;
sulfur will be scattered on his home.
16 His roots beneath him will dry up;
above him, his branch will wither.
17 Memory of him will fade from the land,
while abroad his name will be unknown.
18 He will be pushed from light into darkness
and driven out of the world.

19 “Without son or grandson among his people,
no one will remain in his dwellings.
20 Those who come after will be appalled at his fate,
just as those there before were struck with horror.

21 “This is how things are in the homes of the wicked,
and this is the place of those who don’t know God.”

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