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20 But suffering is in store
    each day for those who sin.
21 Even in times of success,
they constantly hear
    the threat of doom.
22 Darkness, despair, and death
    are their destiny.
23 They scrounge around for food,
all the while dreading
    the approaching darkness.
24 They are overcome with despair,
like a terrified king
    about to go into battle.
25 This is because they rebelled
    against God All-Powerful
26 and have attacked him
    with their weapons.

27 They may be rich and fat,
28 but they will live in the ruins
    of deserted towns.
29 Their property and wealth
    will shrink and disappear.
30 They won’t escape the darkness,
and the blazing breath of God
    will set their future aflame.
31 They have put their trust
    in something worthless;
now they will become worthless
32 like a date palm tree
    without a leaf.[a]
33 Or like vineyards or orchards
whose blossoms and unripe fruit
    drop to the ground.
34 Yes, the godless and the greedy
will have nothing but flames
    feasting on their homes,
35 because they are the parents
    of trouble and vicious lies.

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  1. 15.32 leaf: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text of Verse 32.