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Job 13-14 Common English Bible (CEB)


13 Look, my eye has seen it all;
    my ear has heard and understood it.
Just as you know, I also know;
    I’m not inferior to you.
But I want to speak to the Almighty;
    I would gladly present my case to God.

Friends attacked

You, however, are plasterers of lies;
    ineffective healers, all of you.
Would that you were completely quiet;
    that would be your wisdom.
Hear my teaching
    and pay attention to the arguments of my lips.
Will you speak injustice for God,
    speak deceit on his behalf?
Will you be partial
    or contend for God?
Will it go well when he searches you,
    or can you fool him as you fool people?
10 He will certainly correct you
    if you’ve been secretly partial.
11 Wouldn’t his majesty scare you
    and dread of him fall on you?
12 Your old sayings are proverbs made of ashes,
    your sayings defenses made of clay.

Job will speak out

13 Be quiet and I will speak,
    come what may.
14 For what reason will I take my flesh in my teeth,
    put my life in jeopardy?
15 He will slay me; I’m without hope;[a]
    I will surely prove my way to his face.
16 Also this will be my vindication,
    that a godless person won’t come before him.
17 Listen closely to my words
    so that my remarks will be in your ears.

Against God

18 Look, I have laid out my case;
    I know that I’m innocent.
19 Who would dare contend with me,
    for then I would be quiet and die.
20 Only don’t do two things to me,
    then I won’t hide from your face.
21 Remove your hand far from me
    and don’t terrify me with your anger.
22 Then call and I’ll answer,
    or I’ll speak and you can reply.
23 How many are my offenses and sins?
    Inform me about my rebellions and sins.
24 Why hide your face from me
    and consider me your enemy?
25 Will you cause a wind-tossed leaf to tremble, or will you pursue dry straw?
26 You even write bitter things about me,
    make me inherit my youthful indiscretions.
27 You tie up my feet and restrict all actions;
    you stamp marks on the bottom of my feet.

Human destiny

28 Surely a person wastes away like refuse,
    like clothing that a moth eats.

14 All of us[b] are born of women,
    have few days, and are full of turmoil.
Like a flower, we[c] bloom, then wither,
    flee like a shadow, and don’t last.
(Yes, you open your eyes on this one;
    you bring me into trial against you.)
Who can make pure from impure?
If our days are fixed, the number of our months with you,
    you set a statute and we can’t exceed it.
Look away from us that we may rest,
    until we are satisfied like a worker at day’s end.

Trees versus humans

Indeed there is hope for a tree.
    If it’s cut down and still sprouting
    and its shoots don’t fail,
    if its roots age in the ground
        and its stump dies in the dust,
    at the scent of water, it will bud
        and produce sprouts like a plant.
10 But a human dies and lies there;
    a person expires, and where is he?
11 Water vanishes from the sea;
    a river dries up completely.
12 But a human lies down and doesn’t rise
        until the heavens cease;
    they don’t get up and awaken from sleep.

Momentary hope

13 I wish you would hide me in the underworld,[d]
    conceal me until your anger passes,
    set a time for me, and remember me.
14 If people die, will they live again?
    All the days of my service I would wait
        until my restoration took place.
15 You would call, and I would answer you;
    you would long for your handiwork.
16 Though you now number my steps,
    you would not keep a record of my sin.
17 My rebellion is sealed in a bag;
    you would cover my sin.

God crushes hope

18 But an eroding mountain breaks up,
    and rock is displaced.
19 Water wears away boulders;
    floods carry away soil;
    you destroy a people’s hope.
20 You overpower them relentlessly, and they die;
    you change their appearance and send them away.
21 Their children achieve honor, and they don’t know it;
    their children become insignificant, and they don’t see it.
22 They only feel the pain of their body,
    and they mourn for themselves.


  1. Job 13:15 Or Though he slay me, yet I will trust him.
  2. Job 14:1 Heb adam
  3. Job 14:2 Or he; also he in 14:5-6
  4. Job 14:13 Heb Sheol
Common English Bible (CEB)

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