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11 Finally, Job’s third friend, Zophar the Naamathite, spoke to Job.

Zophar: Shall such a great volume of words remain unanswered
        and a long-winded man be so easily acquitted?
    Shall your empty prattle silence people,
        and when you mock, shall no one shame you?
    You’ve told us, “I have a clear understanding of things,
        and I am innocent in Your eyes, O Lord.
    Ah, but I wish God would speak,
        that He would address you openly, so I will argue for Him.
    I wish He would show you the secrets of great wisdom—
        for the two sides of sound wisdom are both found in His mercy and justice.
    Know this: God forgets some of your guilt.

    Can you see to the unseen side of God,
        or explore the limits of the Highest One’s[a] knowledge?
    Higher than the heavens—what can you do to reach it?
        Deeper than the realm of the dead—what can you know of it?
    Its farthest reaches exceed the ends of the earth;
        its breadth spans far beyond the sea.
10     If He passes by, as is His routine, and throws you into prison,
        and calls you to testify about what you’ve done, who can challenge Him?
11     He recognizes worthless people without integrity,
        so do you really think when He sees wrongdoing He doesn’t examine it?
12     As they say, “The empty-headed will become clever
        in the day the colt of a wild donkey is born human!”

13     If you will focus your intentions in His direction
        and open your hands and reach for Him,
14     Where you have guilt on your hands,
        if you will send it far away and not tolerate sin in your tents,
15     Then you will lift up a face clean of all stains;
        you will hold your head high, secure, and free of fear.
16     You will forget all of these troubles of yours;
        they will pass beneath your memory like a drop of water that has just flowed away.
17     Life will become brighter than high noon;
        darkness will give way to morning.
18     Once again, you’ll trust in the presence of hope;
        you’ll scan the horizon and sleep safely.
19     You will lie down, and no one will terrorize you,
        and many will long to be in your good graces.
20     But the eyes of the wicked will grow dark as they lose hope;
        they’ll find no escape, and in despair,
        they’ll long only to breathe their last dying breath.


  1. 11:7 Hebrew, Shaddai

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