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Zophar Speaks to Job

11 Then Zophar the Naamathite answered:

“Should ·these [L such a large number of] words go unanswered?
    ·Is this talker in the right [or Should a talkative man be declared righteous]?
Your ·lies [L empty words] do not make people quiet;
    people should ·correct [L shame] you when you ·make fun of God [L mock].
You ·say [claim], ‘My teachings are ·right [L pure],
    and I am clean in ·God’s sight [L your eyes].’
I wish God would speak
    and open his ·lips [L mouth] against you
and tell you the secrets of wisdom,
    because ·wisdom [resourcefulness] has ·two [or many] sides.
Know this: God has even forgotten some of your sin [C he has been tolerant of Job’s sin].
“Can you ·understand [L discover] the ·secrets [L deep things] of God?
    Can you ·search [L discover] the limits of ·the Almighty [Shaddai]?
His limits are higher than the heavens; ·you cannot reach them [L what can you do]!
    They are deeper than ·the grave [L Sheol]; you cannot understand them!
His limits are longer than the earth
    and wider than the sea.

10 “If God ·comes along [L passes by] and puts you in prison
    or ·calls you into court [L assembles for judgment], ·no one can stop him [L who can turn him back?].
11 God knows who is ·evil [worthless],
    and when he sees ·evil [or an evil person], ·he takes [L does he not take…?] note of it.
12 A ·fool [L empty-headed person] cannot ·become wise [get understanding]
    any more than a wild donkey can ·be born tame [or give birth to a human; C Zophar insults Job’s wisdom].

13 “You must ·give your whole heart to him [focus your heart]
    and ·hold [spread] out your hands to him for help.
14 ·Put away [Remove] the sin that is in your hand;
    let no ·evil [iniquity] ·remain [L take up residence] in your tent [C Zophar urges Job to repent].
15 Then you can lift up your face without ·shame [L blemish],
    and you can ·stand strong [L be secure] without fear.
16 You will forget your trouble
    and remember it only as water ·gone by [running away].
17 Your life will be ·as bright as [brighter than] the noonday sun,
    and darkness will seem like morning.
18 You will ·feel safe [be secure] because there is hope;
    you will ·look around [explore] and ·rest [L lie down] in safety.
19 You will lie down, and ·no one will scare you [L not tremble with fear].
    Many people will want favors from you.
20 But the ·wicked will not be able to see [L eyes of the wicked will fail],
    so ·they will not escape [L their escape route will be lost to them].
    Their only ·hope [expectation] will be to die.”