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Job Says to God: I Hate My Life

10 “I hate my life.
    I will freely express my complaint.
    I will speak as bitterly as I feel.
I will say to Eloah,
    ‘Don’t condemn me.
        Let me know why you are quarreling with me.
            What do you gain by mistreating me,
                by rejecting the work of your hands
                    while you favor the plans of the wicked?
Do you actually have human eyes?
    Do you see as a mortal sees?
        Are your days like a mortal’s days?
        Are your years like a human’s years?
            Is that why you look for guilt in me
                and search for sin in me?
You know I’m not guilty,
    but there is no one to rescue me from your hands.

“‘Your hands formed me and made every part of me,
    then you turned to destroy me.[a]
Please remember that you made me out of clay
    and that you will return me to the dust again.
10 Didn’t you pour me out like milk
    and curdle me like cheese?
11 Didn’t you dress me in skin and flesh
    and weave me together with bones and tendons?
12 You gave me life and mercy.
    Your watchfulness has preserved my spirit.
13 But in your heart you hid these things.
    I know this is what you did.

14 “‘If I sin, you watch me
    and will not free me from my guilt.
15 How terrible it will be for me if I’m guilty!
    Even if I’m righteous, I dare not lift up my head.
    I am filled with disgrace
        while I look on my misery.
16 Like a proud, ferocious lion you hunt me down.
    You keep working your miracles against me.[b]
17 You keep finding new witnesses against me.
    You keep increasing your anger toward me.
        You keep bringing new armies against me.

18 “‘Why did you take me out of the womb?
    I wish I had breathed my last breath
        before anyone had laid eyes on me.
19 Then it would be as if I had never existed,
    as if I had been carried from the womb to the tomb.

20 “‘Isn’t my life short enough?
    So stop this, and leave me alone.
        Let me smile a little
21 before I go away
    to a land of darkness and gloom,
22 to a dismal land of long shadows and confusion
    where light is as bright as darkness.
    I’ll never return.’”


  1. Job 10:8 Hebrew meaning of this line uncertain.
  2. Job 10:16 Hebrew meaning of this verse uncertain.