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And Job answered, and said,

Verily I know, that it is so, and that a man comparisoned to God shall not be made just. (Truly I know, that this is so, and that a man shall not be seen as just, when compared to God.)

If he will strive with God, he may not answer to God one for a thousand. (And if he will argue with God, he cannot answer to God one question out of a thousand.)

(For) He is wise in heart, and strong in might; who hath against-stood him, and had peace? (who hath stood against him, and hath prevailed?)

He bare over hills from one place to another, and they knew not (what had happened); which he destroyed in his strong vengeance (yea, he destroyed them in his strong vengeance).

Which stirreth the earth from his place, and the pillars thereof shall shake together. (Who stirreth the earth from its place, and its pillars shall altogether shake.)

He commandeth to the sun, and it riseth not; and he closeth (up) the stars, as under a signet.

He alone stretcheth forth (the) heavens, and he goeth upon the waves of the sea.

He maketh Arcturus, and Orion, and Pleiades, that is, the seven stars, and the inner things of the south.

10 He maketh great things, and that may not be sought out, and also wonderful things, of which there is none number.

11 If he cometh to me, I shall not see him; if he goeth away from me, I shall not understand (I shall not know it).

12 If he asketh suddenly (If he suddenly asketh), who shall answer to him? either who may say to him, Why doest thou so?

13 He is God, whose wrath no man may withstand; and under whom they be bowed, that bear the world (who carry the world).

14 How great am I, that I answer to him, and speak by my words with him? (How great am I, that I answer him, and say my words to him?)

15 Which also (I) shall not answer to him, though I have anything just; but I shall beseech my judge to spare me. (Which even though I am just, I shall not answer him; but I shall still beseech my judge to spare me.)

16 And (even) when he hath heard me inwardly calling him, I believe not, that he hath heard my voice.

17 For in a whirlwind he shall all-break me, and he shall multiply my wounds, yea, without cause. (For he shall all-break me with a whirlwind, and he shall multiply my wounds, yea, for no reason.)

18 He granteth not, that my spirit have rest (He granteth not, that I catch my breath), and he filleth me with bitternesses.

19 If strength is sought, he is most strong; and if equity of doom is sought, no man dare yield witnessing for me (and if justice is sought, no one shall dare give testimony for me).

20 If I will make me just, my own mouth shall condemn me; if I shall show me innocent, he shall prove me a shrew. (If I will declare myself just, or right, my own mouth shall condemn me; if I shall declare myself innocent, it shall prove me a depraved man.)

21 Yea, though I be simple, my soul shall not know this same thing; and it shall annoy me of my life. (Yea, though I be without guile, I shall not know it; and my life shall vex my soul.)

22 One thing is, which I spake, he shall waste by death also the innocent (man) and [the] wicked man. (One thing is, which I have always said, that by death he shall surely destroy the innocent and the wicked alike.)

23 If he beateth, slay he once, and laugh he not of the pains of innocent men (and laugh he not at the pains of the innocent).

24 The earth is given into the hands of the wicked; he covereth the face(s) of (the) judges; that if he is not, who therefore is? (and if he did it not, then who did?)

25 My days were swifter than a courier; they fled away, and saw not good.

26 They passed away as [the] ships bearing apples, as an eagle flying to (its) meat (like an eagle flying to its food).

27 When I say, I shall not speak so; I change my face, and I am tormented with sorrow. (If I say, I shall not speak thus; I shall change my face, and shall comfort myself.)

28 I dread all my works, witting that thou sparest not the trespasser. (I fear all that I must suffer, for I know that thou sparest not the trespasser.)

29 And if I am also thus wicked, why have I travailed in vain? (And if I am held to be wicked, then why travail I in vain?)

30 (Even) Though I am washed as with waters of snow, and (even) though mine hands shine as most clean,

31 nevertheless thou shalt dip me in filths, and my clothes shall hold, or show, me abominable.

32 Truly I shall not answer a man, that is like me; neither that may be heard evenly with me in doom. (Truly I shall not be able to answer him, for he is not a man who is like me; nor is he someone who can equally be heard with me in court, or at the judgement.)

33 There is none, that may reprove ever either, and set his hand in both. (There is no one, who can rebuke both of us, or who can put his hand upon both of us.)

34 Do he away his rod from me, and his dread make not me afeared. (Let him take his rod away from me, and let not the fear of him, or his terrors, make me afraid.)

35 I shall speak, and I shall not dread him; for I may not answer dreading. (I shall speak, and I shall not fear him; for I cannot answer if I am afraid.)