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Then the second of Job’s three friends, Bildad the Shuhite, addressed Job.

Bildad: How long will you say these things,
        your words whipping through air like a powerful wind?
    Does God corrupt justice,
        or does the Highest One[a] corrupt the good?
    If your children sinned against Him,
        He merely administered the punishment due them for those sins.
    But if you search for God
        and make your appeal to the Highest One,
    If you are pure and righteous,
        I have no doubt He will arise for you and restore you to your righteous place.
    From your modest beginnings,
        the future will be bright before you.

    Ask those who have come and gone!
        Explore what their fathers learned and taught them.
    For we are not of ages past, nor even of years gone by.
        We are ignorant creatures of yesterday,
        and our time on earth is only a shadow.
10     But the ancients are not similarly bound, are they?
        Won’t they speak to and instruct you?
        Won’t they draw up words from deep within?

11     Can papyrus grow tall without a marsh?
        Can reeds flourish without water?
12     Even if they are hardy and unbroken,
        without water they will dry up before any other plant.
13     So it goes with any who forget God.
        The hope of the godless soon withers and dies.
14     His confidence breaks,
        for he trusts in the tenuous threads of a spider’s web.[b]
15     When he leans into his house of silken threads for support,
        it won’t hold;
    Though his arms grab to steady him,
        it will break—he will fall and never get back up.
16     Still the godless appears to be a hardy plant,
        thriving in full sun, sending his shoots across the garden.
17     The roots twine and grip the stone heap
        and search for a home among the rocks.
18     If he is pulled up, the place will disown him saying,
        “I have never seen you.”
19     See, his sole joy consists of this:[c]
        knowing that others will spring from the earth to take his place.
20     Do you see it? God will not reject the innocent;
        He will not reject you or support agents of evil.
21     He will fill your mouth with laughter;
        your lips will spill over into cries of delight.
22     Those who hate you will don the garment of shame,
        and the home of the wicked will disappear.


  1. 8:3 Hebrew, Shaddai
  2. 8:14 Meaning of the Hebrew is uncertain.
  3. 8:19 Meaning of the Hebrew is uncertain.

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