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37 Mine heart dreaded of this thing, and is moved out of his place. (My heart feareth this thing, and is given a start, or a shock, in its place/and is startled out of its place.)

It shall hear an hearing in the fearedfulness of his voice, and a sound coming forth [out] of his mouth.

He beholdeth over all (the) heavens; and his light is over the terms of the earth.

(A) Great sound shall roar after him, and he shall thunder with the voice of his greatness; and it shall not be sought out, when his voice is heard.

God shall thunder in his voice wonderfully, which maketh great things that may not be sought out. (God shall thunder wonderfully with his voice, and he maketh great things which cannot be understood.)

He it is that commandeth the snow to come down upon the earth (It is he who commandeth the snow to come down on the earth), and to the rains of winter, and to the rains of his strength.

He marketh in the hand of all men, that all men know their works (so that all can know his works).

An unreasonable beast shall go into his den, and shall dwell in his cave, either dark place. (An unreasoning beast shall go into its den, and shall live there in its cave, or that dark place.)

Tempest shall go out from the inner things, and cold from Arcturus, that is, a sign of five stars in the north. (The tempest shall go out from the south, and the cold shall come from the north.)

10 When God maketh blowing, frost waxeth (al)together; and again full broad waters be poured out thereof. (When God maketh blowing, the frost cometh; and very broad waters be poured out again.)

11 Wheat desireth clouds, and (the) clouds spread abroad their light.

12 The which clouds compass all things about by compass (Which clouds go about everywhere), whither ever the will of the governor leadeth them, to all thing to which he commandeth them upon the face of the world;

13 whether in one lineage, either in his land (whether for just one tribe, or over all his land), either in whatever place of his mercy he commandeth those to be found.

14 Job, harken thou (to) these things; stand thou, and behold the marvels of God.

15 Whether thou knowest, when God commanded to the rains, that those shall show the light of his clouds? (Knowest thou, that when God commandeth to the rains, they show the lightning in his clouds?)

16 Whether thou knowest the great ways of the clouds, and the perfect knowings of those? (Knowest thou the great ways of the clouds, which be made by his perfect knowledge?)

17 Whether thy clothes be not hot, when the earth is blown with the south (wind)?

18 In hap thou madest with him (the) heavens, which most firm be founded, as of brass. (Perhaps thou madest the heavens with him, which be created most firm, like bronze.)

19 Show thou to us, what we shall say to him; for we be wrapped in darknesses.

20 Who shall tell to him, what things I speak? yea, if he speaketh, a man shall be devoured. (Who shall tell him what things he should speak? yea, if a man speaketh, he shall be devoured!)

21 And now men see not (the) light; the air shall be made thick suddenly into clouds, and wind passing shall drive away those. (And now people do not see the light; and then suddenly the air shall be made thick with clouds, but the passing wind shall drive them away.)

22 Gold shall come from the north, and the fearedful praising of God. (And then a golden glow shall come from the north, from the terrible, or the wonderful, majesty of God.)

23 For we may not find him worthily; he is great in strength, and in doom, and in rightfulness, and he may not be told out. (For we be not able to find him; yea, he is great in strength, and in justice, and in righteousness, and he cannot be described, or understood.)

24 Therefore men shall dread him; and all men, that seem to themselves to be wise, shall not be (so fool-)hardy to behold God. (And so people shall fear him; and all, who shall be wise, shall look to God.)