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35 Therefore Elihu spake again, (and said) these things,

Whether thy thought seemeth even, either rightful, to thee, that thou shouldest say, I am right-fuller than God? [I am more rightwise than God?]

For thou saidest, That, that is good, pleaseth not thee; either what profiteth it to thee, if I do sin? (For thou hast said, What is good, pleaseth thee not; or what profiteth it to me, if I do not sin?)

Therefore I shall answer to thy words, and to thy friends with thee.

See thou, and behold (the) heaven(s) (and look at the sky), and behold thou the air, and know that God is higher than thou. [Behold heaven, and look, and mindfully see the clouds, (all) that is higher than thou.]

If thou sinnest, what shalt thou harm him? and if thy wickednesses be multiplied, what shalt thou do against him? (If thou sinnest, what harm shalt thou do to him? and if thy wickednesses be multiplied, what shalt thou do to him?)

Certainly if thou doest justly, what shalt thou give to him; either what shall he take of thine hand? (And if thou doest righteously, what shalt thou give him? or what shall he receive from thy hand?)

Thy wickedness shall annoy a man, which is like thee (Thy wickedness shall harm a man, who is just like thee); and thy rightwiseness shall help the son of a man.

Men shall cry for the multitude of false challengers, and they shall wail for the violence of the power of tyrants.

10 And Job said not, Where is God, that made me, and that gave songs in the night? (And no one hath said, Where is God, who made me, and gave songs in the night, that is, hope in the darkness?)

11 And the which teacheth us above the beasts of [the] earth, and he shall teach us above the birds of (the) heaven(s). (And who teacheth us more than the beasts of the earth, and the birds of the air.)

12 There they shall cry, and God shall not hear them, for the pride of evil men. (And they shall cry for help, but God shall not hear them, because of the pride of evil people.)

13 For God shall not hear without cause, and Almighty God shall behold the causes of each man. (For God shall not listen to vanity, that is, to vain, or empty, things, nor shall Almighty God consider the importuning of these people.)

14 Yea, when thou sayest, He beholdeth not; be thou deemed before him, and abide thou him (wait thou for him, and be thou judged before him).

15 For now the Lord bringeth not in his strong vengeance, (n)either he vengeth felonies greatly here. (But here and now, the Lord bringeth not in his strong vengeance, nor greatly avengeth felonies;)

16 Therefore Job openeth his mouth in vain, and multiplieth words without knowing. (and so Job openeth his mouth in vain, or futility, and multiplieth words without knowledge.)