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19 The topaz of Cush[a] cannot be compared with it;
it cannot be purchased with pure gold.

God Alone Has Wisdom

20 “But wisdom—where does it come from?[b]
Where is the place of understanding?
21 For[c] it has been hidden
from the eyes of every living creature,
and from the birds of the sky it has been concealed.

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  1. Job 28:19 tn Or “Ethiopia.” In ancient times this referred to the region of the upper Nile, rather than modern Ethiopia (formerly known as Abyssinia).
  2. Job 28:20 tn The refrain is repeated, except now the verb is תָּבוֹא (tavoʾ, “come”).
  3. Job 28:21 tn The vav on the verb is unexpressed in the LXX. It should not be overlooked, for it introduces a subordinate clause of condition (R. Gordis, Job, 310).

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