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27 Also Job added, taking his parable, and said, (And Job added to his parable, and said,)

God liveth, that hath taken away my doom, and Almighty God, that hath brought my soul to bitterness. (The Lord God liveth, who hath taken away my justice, and Almighty God, who hath brought my soul to bitterness.)

For as long as breath is in me, and the spirit of God is in my nostrils,

my lips shall not speak wickedness, neither my tongue shall think a leasing (nor shall my tongue tell a lie).

Far be it from me, that I deem you just (that I judge you right, or correct); till I fail (life), that is, (for) as long as I live, I shall not go away from mine innocence.

I shall not forsake my justifying, which I began to hold (fast to); for mine heart reproveth me not in all my life (for my heart shall not rebuke me in all my life).

As my wicked enemy doeth; (and) mine adversary is as (the) wicked.

For what is the hope of an hypocrite, if he ravisheth greedily, and God delivereth not his soul? (For what is the hope of a hypocrite, even though he may greedily robbeth, when God taketh away his life?)

Whether God shall hear the cry of him, when anguish shall come upon him?

10 either whether he may delight in Almighty God, and inwardly call God in all time? (shall he delight himself in Almighty God, and call on God at all times?)

11 I shall teach you by the hand of God, what things Almighty God hath; and I shall not hide them.

12 Lo! all ye know (them), and what then speak ye vain things without cause? (Lo! ye all know them, so why then do ye speak vain, or empty, things without any reason?)

13 This is the part of a wicked man with God, and the heritage of violent men, or raveners, which they shall take of Almighty God. (This is the portion from God for the wicked, and the inheritance for the violent, or the raveners, which they shall receive from Almighty God.)

14 If his children be multiplied, they shall be killed with (the) sword; and his sons shall not be [ful]filled with bread.

15 They, that be residue of him, shall be buried in perishing; and the widows of him shall not weep. (They, who be left of him, shall die from disease; and their widows shall not weep for them.)

16 If he gathereth together silver as earth, and maketh ready clothes as (the) clay; (Yea, though he gathereth together silver like dust, and getteth himself heaps of clothes;)

17 soothly he made these things ready, but a just man shall be clothed in those things, and an innocent man shall part the silver. (truly he got these things, but the righteous shall be clothed in them, and the innocent shall divide, or shall share, the silver.)

18 As a moth he hath builded his house, and as a keeper he made a shadowing place. (Like a moth, he hath built his house, and he hath made his place of shade like a watchman.)

19 A rich man, when he shall die, shall bear nothing with him; he shall open his eyes, and he shall find nothing.

20 Poverty as water shall take him (Poverty shall overtake him like a flood); and (a) tempest shall oppress him in the night.

21 Burning wind shall take him (up), and it shall do him away; and as a whirlwind it shall ravish him from his place (and like a whirlwind it shall snatch him away from his place).

22 The Lord shall send out (these) torments upon him, and shall not spare; (and) he fleeing shall flee from his hand.

23 He shall constrain his hands on him, and he shall hiss on him, and shall behold his place. (The wind shall clap its hands at him, and shall hiss at him, wherever he may go.)