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Job 24:12-14 New English Translation (NET Bible)

12 From the city the dying[a] groan,
and the wounded[b] cry out for help,
but God charges no one with wrongdoing.[c]
13 There are those[d] who rebel against the light;
they do not know its ways
and they do not stay on its paths.
14 Before daybreak[e] the murderer rises up;
he kills the poor and the needy;
in the night he is[f] like a thief.[g]


  1. Job 24:12 tc The MT as pointed reads “from the city of men they groan.” Most commentators change one vowel in מְתִים (metim) to get מֵתִים (metim) to get the active participle, “the dying.” This certainly fits the parallelism better, although sense could be made out of the MT.
  2. Job 24:12 tn Heb “the souls of the wounded,” which here refers to the wounded themselves.
  3. Job 24:12 tc The MT has the noun תִּפְלָה (tiflah) which means “folly; tastelessness” (cf. 1:22). The verb, which normally means “to place; to put,” would then be rendered “to impute; to charge.” This is certainly a workable translation in the context. Many commentators have emended the text, changing the noun to תְּפִלָּה (tefillah, “prayer”), and so then also the verb יָשִׂים (yasim, here “charges”) to יִשְׁמַע (yishmaʿ, “hears”). It reads: “But God does not hear the prayer”—referring to the groans.
  4. Job 24:13 tn Heb “They are among those who.”
  5. Job 24:14 tn The text simply has לָאוֹר (laʾor, “at light” or “at daylight”), probably meaning just at the time of dawn.
  6. Job 24:14 tn In a few cases the jussive is used without any real sense of the jussive being present (see GKC 323 §109.k).
  7. Job 24:14 sn The point is that he is like a thief in that he works during the night, just before the daylight, when the advantage is all his and the victim is most vulnerable.
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