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12 From the commandment of his lips, indeed[a] I have not departed;
I have treasured the words of his mouth more than my daily food.
13 “But[b] he is alone,[c] and who can dissuade him?
And whatever he desires,[d] indeed,[e] he does it.
14 For he will carry out what he appoints for me,[f]
and many things like these are with him.

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  1. Job 23:12 Hebrew “and”
  2. Job 23:13 Hebrew “And”
  3. Job 23:13 Literally “as one”
  4. Job 23:13 Literally “his inner self desires,” or “his soul desires”
  5. Job 23:13 Hebrew “and”
  6. Job 23:14 Literally “my portion,” or “my allotment”

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