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23 And Job answered, and said,

Now also my word is in bitterness, and the hand of my wound is aggrieved on my wailing. (Now my word is bitter, and the hand causing my pain is heavy upon me in my wailing.)

Who giveth to me, that I know, and find him, and come unto his throne? (Who giveth to me, that I might know where to find him, and come unto his throne?)

I shall set doom before him (I shall state my case before him), and I shall fill my mouth with arguments;

that I know the words, which he shall answer to me, and that I understand, what he shall speak to me. (then I shall know the words, which he shall answer to me, and I shall understand, what he shall say to me.)

I will not, that he strive with me by great strength, neither that he oppress me with the heaviness of his greatness. (I do not desire, that he fight me with his great strength, nor oppress me with his great might, or his great power.)

Set he forth equity against me, and my doom come perfectly to victory. (Yea, I shall be righteous before him, and my judge shall find me altogether innocent.)

If I go to the east, God appeareth not there; if I go to the west, I shall not understand him;

if I go to the left side, what shall I do? I shall not take (hold of) him (I shall not catch him); if I turn me to the right side, I shall not see him.

10 But he knoweth my way, and he shall prove me as gold (and he shall assay me like gold), that passeth through the fire.

11 My foot followed his steps; I kept (to) his way, and I bowed not away from it.

12 I went not away from the commandments of his lips; and I hid in my bosom the words of his mouth.

13 For he is alone, and no man may turn away his thoughts; and whatever thing he would, his will did this thing. (For he alone decideth, and no one can turn away his thoughts; and whatever he desired to do, his did it.)

14 When he hath [ful]filled his will in me, also many other like things be ready to him. (For he hath fulfilled his will for me, and many other plans like these be ready with him.)

15 And therefore I am troubled of his face, and I beholding him am anguished for dread. (And so I am troubled before him, and I beholding him am anguished with fear.)

16 God hath made nesh mine heart (God hath made my heart weak, or faint), and Almighty God hath troubled me.

17 Certainly I perished not for darknesses nighing to me; neither mist covered my face. (For I did not perish because the darkness nighed to me, nor because the mist covered my face.)