Therefore this is what the Lord of armies says:

“Behold, I will refine them and (A)put them to the test;
For (B)what else can I do, because of the daughter of My people?

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18 “Son of man, the house of Israel has become [a](A)waste metal to Me; all of them are (B)bronze, tin, iron, and lead in the (C)smelting furnace; they are the [b]waste metal of silver. 19 Therefore, this is what the Lord God says: ‘Because all of you have become [c]waste metal, therefore, behold, I am going to gather you into the midst of Jerusalem. 20 As they gather silver, bronze, iron, lead, and tin into the (D)smelting furnace to blow fire on it in order to melt it, so I will gather you in My anger and in My wrath, and I will place you there and melt you. 21 And I will gather you and blow on you with the fire of My wrath, and you will be melted in the midst of it. 22 As silver is melted in the furnace, so you will be melted in the midst of it; and you will know that I, the Lord, have (E)poured out My wrath on you.’”

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  1. Ezekiel 22:18 Lit dross
  2. Ezekiel 22:18 Lit dross
  3. Ezekiel 22:19 Lit dross

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