43 (A)Terror, pit, and snare are coming upon you,
Inhabitant of Moab,” declares the Lord.
44 “The one who (B)flees from the terror
Will fall into the pit,
And the one who climbs up out of the pit
Will be caught in the snare;
For I will bring upon her, upon Moab,
The year of their (C)punishment,” declares the Lord.

45 “In the shadow of Heshbon
The fugitives stand without strength;
For a fire has spread out from Heshbon
And a (D)flame from the midst of (E)Sihon,
And it has devoured the (F)forehead of Moab
And the scalps of the [a]loud revelers.
46 (G)Woe to you, Moab!
The people of (H)Chemosh have perished;
For your sons have been taken away captive,
And your daughters into captivity.
47 Yet I will (I)restore the fortunes of Moab
In the [b]latter days,” declares the Lord.

This is the extent of the judgment on Moab.

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  1. Jeremiah 48:45 Lit sons of uproar
  2. Jeremiah 48:47 Lit end of the days

29 They will take away their tents and their flocks;
They will carry off for themselves
Their tent (A)curtains, all their goods and their (B)camels,
And they will call out to one another, ‘(C)Horror on every side!’

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