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The Coming Disaster

11-12 When disaster comes, the Lord will tell you people of Jerusalem,

“I am sending a windstorm
from the desert—
    not a welcome breeze.[a]
And it will sweep you away
    as punishment for your sins.

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  1. 4.11,12 a welcome breeze: Hebrew “a wind to blow away the husks.” Farmers used a special shovel to pitch grain and husks into the air. Wind would blow away the light husks, and the grain would fall back to the ground, where it could be gathered up.

22 I heard the Lord say,
    “My people ignore me.
They are foolish children
who do not understand
    that they will be punished.
All they know is how to sin.”

23 After this, I looked around.
The earth was barren,
    with no form of life.
The sun, moon, and stars
    had disappeared.
24 The mountains were shaking;
25 no people could be seen,
    and all the birds
    had flown away.
26 Farmland had become a desert,
    and towns were in ruins.
The Lord’s fierce anger
    had done all of this.

The Death of Jerusalem

27-28 The Lord said:

I have made my decision,
    and I won’t change my mind.
This land will be destroyed,
    although not completely.
The sky will turn dark,
    and the earth will mourn.

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