15 This is what the Lord says:
(A)A voice is heard in (B)Ramah,
Lamenting and bitter weeping.
Rachel is weeping for her children;
She (C)refuses to be comforted for her children,
Because (D)they are no more.”

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Her adversaries have become [a]her masters,
Her enemies are [b]secure;
For the Lord has [c](A)caused her grief
Because of the multitude of her wrongdoings;
Her little ones have gone away
As captives [d]led by the enemy.

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  1. Lamentations 1:5 Lit head
  2. Lamentations 1:5 Or at ease
  3. Lamentations 1:5 Or tormented her
  4. Lamentations 1:5 Lit before

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