Drought and a Prayer for Mercy

14 That which came as the word of the Lord to Jeremiah in regard to the (A)drought:

“Judah mourns
And (B)her gates languish;
They sit on the ground (C)in mourning,
And the (D)cry of Jerusalem has ascended.
“Their nobles have (E)sent their [a]servants for water;
They have come to the (F)cisterns and found no water.
They have returned with their vessels empty;
They have been (G)put to shame and humiliated,
And they (H)cover their heads.
“Because the (I)ground is [b]cracked,
For there has been (J)no rain on the land;
The (K)farmers have been put to shame,
They have covered their heads.
“For even the doe in the field has given birth only to abandon her young,
Because there is (L)no grass.
“The (M)wild donkeys stand on the bare heights;
They pant for air like jackals,
Their eyes fail
For there is (N)no vegetation.

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  1. Jeremiah 14:3 Lit little ones
  2. Jeremiah 14:4 Lit shattered

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