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23 As soon as Jehudi had read three or four columns[a] of the scroll, the king[b] would cut them off with a penknife[c] and throw them on the fire in the firepot. He kept doing so until the whole scroll was burned up in the fire.[d]

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  1. Jeremiah 36:23 tn Heb “doors.” This is the only time the word “door” is used in this way, but all the commentaries and lexicons agree that it means “columns.” The meaning is figurative based on the similarity of shape.
  2. Jeremiah 36:23 tn Heb “he.” The majority of commentaries and English versions are agreed that “he” is the king. However, since a penknife (Heb “a scribe’s razor”) is used to cut the columns off, it is possible that Jehudi himself did it. However, even if Jehudi himself did it, he was acting on the king’s orders.
  3. Jeremiah 36:23 sn Heb “a scribe’s razor.” There is some irony involved here since a scribe’s razor normally trimmed the sheets to be sewn together, scraped them in preparation for writing, and erased errors. What was normally used to prepare the scroll served to destroy it.
  4. Jeremiah 36:23 tn Heb “until the whole scroll was consumed upon the fire that was in the fire pot.”

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