Let not the archer string his bow,(A)
    nor let him put on his armor.(B)
Do not spare her young men;
    completely destroy[a] her army.
They will fall(C) down slain in Babylon,[b]
    fatally wounded in her streets.(D)
For Israel and Judah have not been forsaken(E)
    by their God, the Lord Almighty,
though their land[c] is full of guilt(F)
    before the Holy One of Israel.

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  1. Jeremiah 51:3 The Hebrew term refers to the irrevocable giving over of things or persons to the Lord, often by totally destroying them.
  2. Jeremiah 51:4 Or Chaldea
  3. Jeremiah 51:5 Or Almighty, / and the land of the Babylonians

14 Then the angel who was speaking to me said, “Proclaim this word: This is what the Lord Almighty says: ‘I am very jealous(A) for Jerusalem and Zion,

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