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Not many polys of you should become ginomai teachers didaskalos, my egō brothers adelphos, for you know oida that hoti those of us who teach will be judged lambanō by a stricter megas standard krima. For gar we ptaiō all hapas stumble ptaiō in many ways polys. If ei someone tis does ptaiō not ou stumble ptaiō in en what he says logos, he houtos is a mature teleios individual anēr, able dynatos to bridle chalinagōgeō his ho whole holos body sōma as well kai. Now de if ei we put ballō bits chalinos into eis the ho mouths stoma of ho horses hippos · ho to eis make them autos obey peithō us hēmeis, then kai we guide metagō their autos entire holos · ho body sōma. Or kai consider idou · ho ships ploion: though they are eimi so large tēlikoutos and kai are driven elaunō by hypo strong sklēros winds anemos, they are steered metagō by hypo a very small elachistos rudder pēdalion, wherever hopou the ho impulse hormē of the ho pilot euthunō directs boulomai. So houtōs also kai is eimi the ho tongue glōssa a small mikros member melos, yet kai it boasts aucheō of great things megas. See idou how large hēlikos a forest hylē is set on fire anaptō by such a small hēlikos flame pyr. And kai the ho tongue glōssa is a fire pyr! The ho tongue glōssa is a ho world kosmos of ho iniquity adikia set kathistēmi among en · ho our hēmeis members melos; it ho defiles spiloō the ho whole holos body sōma, · kai sets on fire phlogizō the ho course trochos of our ho life genesis, and kai is set on fire phlogizō by hypo · ho hell geenna.

For gar every pas species physis of beast thērion and kai bird peteinon, reptile herpeton and kai sea creature enalios, can be tamed damazō, and kai has been tamed damazō by the ho human anthrōpinos species physis. · ho But de the ho tongue glōssa, no one oudeis is able dynamai to tame damazō; it is a restless akatastatos evil kakos, full mestos of deadly thanatēphoros poison ios. With en it autos we bless eulogeō our ho Lord kyrios and kai Father patēr, and kai with en it autos we curse kataraomai those ho who ho are made ginomai in kata the likeness homoiōsis of God theos. 10 From ek the ho same autos mouth stoma come exerchomai blessing eulogia and kai cursing katara. My egō brothers adelphos, this houtos should chrē not ou happen ginomai. 11 Does a ho spring pēgē pour forth bryō water from ek the ho same autos opening opē that is both · ho fresh glykys and kai · ho brackish pikros? 12 My egō brothers adelphos, can dynamai a fig tree sykē produce poieō olives elaia, or ē a grapevine ampelos figs sykon? Neither oute can a salt halykos spring supply poieō fresh glykys water hydōr.

13 Who tis is wise sophos and kai understanding epistēmōn among en you hymeis? By ek his ho exemplary kalos conduct anastrophē let him show deiknymi · ho his autos works ergon done in en the gentleness prautēs born of wisdom sophia. 14 But de if ei you have echō bitter pikros jealousy zēlos and kai selfish ambition eritheia in en · ho your hymeis heart kardia, do not be arrogant katakauchaomai and kai tell lies pseudomai against kata the ho truth alētheia. 15 This houtos is eimi not ou the ho wisdom sophia that comes down katerchomai from above anōthen, but alla is earthly epigeios, unspiritual psychikos, demonic daimoniōdēs. 16 For gar where hopou jealousy zēlos and kai selfish ambition eritheia exist, there ekei you will find disorder akatastasia and kai every pas evil phaulos practice pragma. 17 But de the ho wisdom sophia from above anōthen is eimi first prōton of all pure hagnos, then epeita peaceable eirēnikos, gentle epieikēs, open to reason eupeithēs, full mestos of mercy eleos and kai good agathos fruits karpos, free from prejudice adiakritos and hypocrisy anypokritos. 18 And de a harvest karpos of righteousness dikaiosynē is sown speirō in en peace eirēnē by those ho who make poieō peace eirēnē.

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