“Behold, God is mighty, and (A)does not despise any;
    he is (B)mighty in strength of understanding.
He does not keep the wicked alive,
    but gives (C)the afflicted their right.
He does not withdraw his (D)eyes from the righteous,
    but with (E)kings on the throne
    he sets them forever, and they are (F)exalted.
And if they are (G)bound in chains
    and caught in the cords of affliction,
then he declares to them their work
    and their transgressions, that they are (H)behaving arrogantly.
10 He (I)opens their ears to instruction
    and commands that they (J)return from iniquity.
11 (K)If they listen and serve him,
    they (L)complete their days in prosperity,
    and their years in pleasantness.

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