The Righteousness of God’s Judgment

65 “I was (A)sought by those who did not ask for Me;
I was found by those who did not seek Me.
I said, ‘Here I am, here I am,’
To a nation that (B)was not called by My name.
(C)I have stretched out My hands all day long to a (D)rebellious people,
Who (E)walk in a way that is not good,
According to their own thoughts;
A people (F)who provoke Me to anger continually to My face;
(G)Who sacrifice in gardens,
And burn incense on altars of brick;
(H)Who sit among the graves,
And spend the night in the tombs;
(I)Who eat swine’s flesh,
And the broth of [a]abominable things is in their vessels;
(J)Who say, ‘Keep to yourself,
Do not come near me,
For I am holier than you!’
These [b]are smoke in My nostrils,
A fire that burns all the day.

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  1. Isaiah 65:4 Unclean meats, Lev. 7:18; 19:7
  2. Isaiah 65:5 Cause My wrath to smoke

Thus says the Lord:

“As the new wine is found in the cluster,
And one says, ‘Do not destroy it,
For (A)a blessing is in it,’
So will I do for My servants’ sake,
That I may not destroy them (B)all.
I will bring forth descendants from Jacob,
And from Judah an heir of My mountains;
My (C)elect shall inherit it,
And My servants shall dwell there.
10 (D)Sharon shall be a fold of flocks,
And (E)the Valley of Achor a place for herds to lie down,
For My people who have (F)sought Me.

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