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The Lord Alone Wins His Victory

63 Who is this coming from Bozrah in Edom
    with his clothes stained bright red?
    Who is this dressed in splendor,
    going forward with great strength?

“It is I, Yahweh. I am coming to announce my victory.
    I am powerful enough to save you.”

Why are your clothes red
    and your garments like those who trample grapes in a winepress?

“I have trampled alone in the winepress.
    No one was with me.
    In my anger I trampled on people.
    In my wrath I stomped on them.
    Their blood splattered my clothes
    so all my clothing has been stained.
I planned the day of vengeance.
    The year for my reclaiming you has come.
I looked, but there was no help.
    I was astounded that there was no outside support.
    So with my own power I won a victory.
    My anger supported me.
        In my anger I trampled on people.
        In my wrath I made them drunk
            and poured their blood on the ground.”

The Lord’s People Pray for His Help

I will acknowledge Yahweh’s acts of mercy,
    and sing the praises of Yahweh,
        because of everything that Yahweh has done for us.
            He has done many good things for the nation of Israel
                because of his compassion and his unlimited mercy.
He said, “They are my people,
    children who will not lie to me.”
        So he became their Savior.
In all their troubles he was troubled,
    and he was the Messenger who saved them.
    In his love and compassion he reclaimed them.
    He always held them and carried them in the past.
10 But they rebelled and offended his Ruach Qodesh.
    So he turned against them as their enemy; he fought against them.

11 Then his people remembered Moses and the distant past.
    Where is the one who brought them out of the sea
        with the shepherds of his flock?
    Where is the one who put his Ruach Qodesh in them?
12 Where is the one who sent his powerful arm
    to support the right hand of Moses?
    Where is the one who divided the water in front of them
        to make an everlasting name for himself?
13 Where is the one who led them through the deep water?
    Like horses in the wilderness,
    they didn’t stumble.
14 Like animals going down into a valley,
    they were given rest by Ruach Yahweh.
        In this way you guided your people
            to make an honored name for yourself.

15 Look down and see from heaven, from your holy and beautiful dwelling.
    Where is your determination and might?
    Where is the longing of your heart and your compassion?
        Don’t hold back.
16 You are our Ab.
    Even though Abraham doesn’t know us
        and Israel doesn’t pay attention to us,
            O Yahweh, you are our Ab.
                Your name is our Go’el From Everlasting.
17 O Yahweh, why do you let us wander from your ways
    and become so stubborn that we are unable to fear you?
        Return for the sake of your servants.
            They are the tribes that belong to you.

18 Your holy people possessed the land for a little while.
    Our enemies have trampled on your holy place.
19 We have become like those whom you never ruled,
    like those who are not called by your name.