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The Lord Will Anoint His Servant with His Spirit

61 The Ruach of Adonay Yahweh is with me
    because Yahweh has anointed me
        to deliver good news to humble people.
    He has sent me
        to heal those who are brokenhearted,
        to announce that captives will be set free
            and prisoners will be released.
He has sent me
    to announce the year of Yahweh’s good will
        and the day of our Elohim’s vengeance,
        to comfort all those who grieve.
He has sent me
    to provide for all those who grieve in Zion,
        to give them crowns instead of ashes,
            the oil of joy instead of tears of grief,
                and clothes of praise instead of a spirit of weakness.

They will be called Oaks of Righteousness,
    the Plantings of Yahweh,
        so that he might display his glory.

They will rebuild the ancient ruins.
    They will restore the places destroyed long ago.
    They will renew the ruined cities, the places destroyed generations ago.
Foreigners will come forward and become shepherds for your flocks,
    and children of foreigners will work your fields and vineyards.
You will be called the priests of Yahweh.
    You will be called the servants of our Elohim.
    You will consume the wealth of the nations.
    You will boast in their splendor.
You will receive a double measure of wealth instead of your shame.
    You will sing about your wealth instead of being disgraced.
    That is why you will have a double measure of wealth in your land.
        You will have everlasting joy.
I, Yahweh, love justice.
    I hate robbery and wrongdoing.
    I will faithfully reward my people’s work.
    I will make an everlasting promise[a] to them.
Then their offspring will be known among the nations
    and their descendants among the people.
        Everyone who sees them will recognize
            that they are the descendants whom Yahweh has blessed.

10 I will find joy in Yahweh.
    I will delight in my Elohim.
    He has dressed me in the clothes of salvation.
    He has wrapped me in the robe of righteousness
        like a bridegroom with a priest’s turban,
        like a bride with her jewels.
11 Like the ground that brings forth its crops
    and like a garden that makes the seed in it grow,
        so Adonay Yahweh will make righteousness and praise
            spring up in front of all nations.


  1. Isaiah 61:8 Or “covenant.”