57 The righteous person perishes,
and no one takes it to heart;
the faithful are taken away,
with no one realizing
that the righteous person is taken away
because of[a] evil.
He will enter into peace—
they will rest on their beds[b]
everyone who lives uprightly.

Pagan Religion Denounced

But come here,
you witch’s sons,
offspring of an adulterer and a prostitute![c]
Who are you mocking?
Who are you opening your mouth
and sticking out your tongue at?
Isn’t it you, you rebellious children,(A)
you offspring of liars,
who burn with lust among the oaks,
under every green tree,(B)
who slaughter children in the wadis
below the clefts of the rocks?(C)
Your portion is among the smooth stones of the wadi;
indeed, they are your lot.
You have even poured out a drink offering to them;
you have offered a grain offering;
should I be satisfied with these?
You have placed your bed
on a high and lofty mountain;(D)
you also went up there to offer sacrifice.
You have set up your memorial
behind the door and doorpost.
For away from me, you stripped,
went up, and made your bed wide,(E)
and you have made a bargain[d] for yourself with them.
You have loved their bed;
you have gazed on their genitals.[e][f]
You went to the king with oil
and multiplied your perfumes;
you sent your envoys far away(F)
and sent them down even to Sheol.
10 You became weary on your many journeys,
but you did not say, “It’s hopeless!” (G)
You found a renewal of your strength;[g]
therefore you did not grow weak.
11 Who was it you dreaded and feared,
so that you lied and didn’t remember me
or take it to heart?
I have kept silent for a long time, haven’t I?[h](H)
So you do not fear me.
12 I will announce your righteousness,
and your works—they will not profit you.

13 When you cry out,
let your collection of idols rescue you!
The wind will carry all of them off,
a breath will take them away.
But whoever takes refuge in me
will inherit the land(I)
and possess my holy mountain.(J)

Healing and Peace

14 He said,
“Build it up, build it up, prepare the way,
remove every obstacle from my people’s way.”(K)
15 For the High and Exalted One,
who lives forever, whose name is holy,(L) says this:
“I live in a high and holy place,
and with the oppressed and lowly of spirit,(M)
to revive the spirit of the lowly
and revive the heart of the oppressed.(N)
16 For I will not accuse you forever,
and I will not always be angry;(O)
for then the spirit would grow weak before me,
even the breath, which I have made.
17 Because of his sinful greed I was angry,(P)
so I struck him; I was angry and hid;
but he went on turning back to the desires of his heart.
18 I have seen his ways, but I will heal him;
I will lead him and restore comfort
to him and his mourners,(Q)
19 creating words of praise.”[i](R)
The Lord says,
“Peace, peace to the one who is far or near,(S)
and I will heal him.
20 But the wicked are like the storm-tossed sea,(T)
for it cannot be still,
and its water churns up mire and muck.
21 There is no peace for the wicked,”
says my God.(U)

True Fasting

58 “Cry out loudly, don’t hold back!
Raise your voice like a ram’s horn.
Tell my people their transgression
and the house of Jacob their sins.
They seek me day after day
and delight to know my ways,
like a nation that does what is right
and does not abandon the justice of their God.
They ask me for righteous judgments;
they delight in the nearness of God.”(V)

“Why have we fasted, but you have not seen?(W)
We have denied ourselves, but you haven’t noticed!” [j]

“Look, you do as you please on the day of your fast,
and oppress all your workers.(X)
You fast with contention and strife
to strike viciously with your fist.
You cannot fast as you do today,
hoping to make your voice heard on high.
Will the fast I choose be like this:
A day for a person to deny himself,
to bow his head like a reed,
and to spread out sackcloth and ashes?(Y)
Will you call this a fast
and a day acceptable to the Lord?
Isn’t this the fast I choose:
To break the chains of wickedness,(Z)
to untie the ropes of the yoke,
to set the oppressed free,
and to tear off every yoke?(AA)
Is it not to share your bread with the hungry,(AB)
to bring the poor and homeless into your house,
to clothe the naked when you see him,(AC)
and not to ignore your own flesh and blood?[k](AD)
Then your light will appear like the dawn,
and your recovery will come quickly.(AE)
Your righteousness will go before you,(AF)
and the Lord’s glory will be your rear guard.(AG)

At that time, when you call, the Lord will answer;(AH)
when you cry out, he will say, ‘Here I am.’
If you get rid of the yoke among you,
the finger-pointing and malicious speaking,(AI)
10 and if you offer yourself[l] to the hungry,
and satisfy the afflicted one,
then your light will shine in the darkness,(AJ)
and your night will be like noonday.
11 The Lord will always lead you,
satisfy you in a parched land,
and strengthen your bones.
You will be like a watered garden(AK)
and like a spring whose water never runs dry.(AL)
12 Some of you will rebuild the ancient ruins;(AM)
you will restore the foundations laid long ago;(AN)
you will be called the repairer of broken walls,
the restorer of streets where people live.
13 “If you keep from desecrating the Sabbath,(AO)
from doing whatever you want on my holy day;
if you call the Sabbath a delight,
and the holy day of the Lord honorable;
if you honor it, not going your own ways,(AP)
seeking your own pleasure, or talking business;[m][n]
14 then you will delight in the Lord,(AQ)
and I will make you ride over the heights of the land,(AR)
and let you enjoy the heritage of your father Jacob.”
For the mouth of the Lord has spoken.(AS)


  1. 57:1 Or taken away from the presence of
  2. 57:2 Either their deathbeds or their graves
  3. 57:3 Lit and she acted as a prostitute
  4. 57:8 Lit you cut
  5. 57:8 Lit hand
  6. 57:8 In Hb, the word “hand” is probably a euphemism for genitals.
  7. 57:10 Lit found life of your hand
  8. 57:11 LXX reads And I, when I see you, I pass by
  9. 57:19 Lit creating fruit of the lips
  10. 58:3 These are Israel’s words to God.
  11. 58:7 Lit not hide yourself from your flesh
  12. 58:10 Some Hb mss, LXX, Syr read offer your bread
  13. 58:13 Or idly
  14. 58:13 Lit or speak a word

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