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Salvation for All People

56 This is what Yahweh says:

Preserve justice, and do what is right.
    My salvation is about to come.
    My righteousness is about to be revealed.

Blessed is the one who does these things
    and the person who holds on to them.
    Blessed is the one who keeps the day of worship from becoming unholy
    and his hands from doing anything wrong.

Foreigners who have joined Yahweh should not say, “Yahweh will separate us from his people.” Castrated men should not say, “We’re only dead trees!” This is what Yahweh says: I will remember the castrated men who keep my days of worship, choose what pleases me, and faithfully observe the conditions of my promise.[a] Inside my house and within my walls, I will give them something better than sons and daughters. I will give them a monument and a name. I will give them a permanent name that will not be forgotten. And I will remember the foreigners who have joined Yahweh to worship him, to love Yahweh’s name, and to be his servants. All of them will keep the day of worship from becoming unholy and will faithfully observe the conditions of my promise. Then I will bring them to my holy mountain and make them happy in my house of prayer. Their burnt offerings and their sacrifices will be acceptable on my altar, because my house will be called a house of prayer for all nations.

Adonay Yahweh, who gathers the scattered people of Israel, declares, “I will gather still others besides those I have already gathered.”

The Sins of Israel Bring the Lord’s Anger

All you animals in the field,
    all you animals in the forest,
    come and eat.
10 Israel’s watchmen are blind.
    None of them know anything.
    All of them are like dogs that are unable to bark.
    They lie around dreaming; they love to sleep.
11 These dogs have huge appetites.
    They are never full.
    They are the shepherds,
    but they don’t understand.
    All of them have turned to go their own ways.
    Each one seeks his own gain.
12 Each one cries,
    “Let me get some wine,
        and we’ll fill ourselves with liquor.
            And tomorrow will be like today, only better.”


  1. Isaiah 56:4 Or “covenant.”