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Seek the Lord while he makes himself available;[a]
call to him while he is nearby!
The wicked need to abandon their lifestyle[b]
and sinful people their plans.[c]
They should return[d] to the Lord, and he will show mercy to them,[e]
and to their God, for he will freely forgive them.[f]

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  1. Isaiah 55:6 tn Heb “while he allows himself to be found.” The Niphal form has a tolerative force here.
  2. Isaiah 55:7 tn Heb “Let the wicked one abandon his way.” The singular is collective.
  3. Isaiah 55:7 tn Heb “and the man of evil his thoughts.” The singular is collective.
  4. Isaiah 55:7 tn Heb “let him return.” The singular is collective, meaning “let them.”
  5. Isaiah 55:7 tn The imperfect with vav (ו) conjunctive after the jussive indicates purpose/result.
  6. Isaiah 55:7 sn The appeal and promise of vv. 6-7 echoes the language of Deut 4:25-31; 30:1-10; and 1 Kgs 8:46-53, all of which anticipate the exile and speak of the prerequisites for restoration.