The Servant of the Lord

49 Listen(A) to me, you islands;(B)
    hear this, you distant nations:
Before I was born(C) the Lord called(D) me;
    from my mother’s womb he has spoken my name.(E)

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19 “I will set a sign(A) among them, and I will send some of those who survive(B) to the nations—to Tarshish,(C) to the Libyans[a] and Lydians(D) (famous as archers), to Tubal(E) and Greece,(F) and to the distant islands(G) that have not heard of my fame or seen my glory.(H) They will proclaim my glory among the nations.

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  1. Isaiah 66:19 Some Septuagint manuscripts Put (Libyans); Hebrew Pul

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