20 (A)Go out from Babylon! Flee from the Chaldeans!
Declare with the sound of (B)joyful shouting, proclaim this,
(C)Send it out to the end of the earth;
Say, “(D)The Lord has redeemed His servant Jacob.”

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(A)Be cheerful, shout joyfully together,
You (B)ruins of Jerusalem;
For the Lord has comforted His people,
He has (C)redeemed Jerusalem.
10 The Lord has bared His holy (D)arm
In the sight of all the nations,
[a]So that (E)all the ends of the earth may see
The salvation of our God.

11 (F)Depart, depart, go out from there,
(G)Do not touch what is unclean;
Go out of the midst of her, (H)purify yourselves,
You who carry the vessels of the Lord.
12 But you will not go out in (I)a hurry,
Nor will you go [b]as fugitives;
For the (J)Lord will go before you,
And (K)the God of Israel will be your rear guard.

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  1. Isaiah 52:10 Or And all...will see
  2. Isaiah 52:12 Lit in flight