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Babylon’s Idols Will Go into Captivity

46 The god Bel bows down; the god Nebo stoops low.
    Their statues are seated on animals and cattle.
        The gods that you carry are burdens, a load for weary people.
These gods stoop low and bow down together.
    They aren’t able to escape with heavy loads.
    They go away into captivity.

Listen to me, descendants of Jacob,
    the few people left of the nation of Israel.
        I’ve carried you since your birth.
        I’ve taken care of you from the time you were born.
            Even when you’re old, I’ll take care of you.
            Even when your hair turns gray, I’ll support you.
        I made you and will continue to care for you.
        I’ll support you and save you.

To whom will you compare me and make me equal?
    To whom will you compare me so that we can be alike?

People pour gold out of their bags and weigh silver on scales.
    They hire a goldsmith. He makes it into a god.
    They bow down and worship it.
They lift it on their shoulders and carry it.
    They set the idol in its place, and it stands there.
        It doesn’t move from its place.
        If they cry to it for help, it can’t answer.
        It can’t rescue them from their distress.

Remember this, and take courage.
    Recall your rebellious acts.
Remember the first events,
    because I am El, and there is no other.
        I am Elohim, and there’s no one like me.
10 From the beginning I revealed the end.
    From long ago I told you things that had not yet happened, saying,
    “My plan will stand, and I’ll do everything I intended to do.”
11 I will call a bird of prey from the east.
    I will call someone for my plan from a faraway land.
    I have spoken, and I will bring it about.
    I have planned it, and I will do it.
12 Listen to me, you stubborn people who are far from being righteous.
13 I’ll bring my righteousness near; it isn’t far away.
    My salvation will not be delayed.
        I’ll provide salvation for Zion
            and bring my glory to Israel.