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16 I am the one who cut a path
    through the mighty ocean.
17 I sent an army to chase you
    with chariots and horses;
now they lie dead,
    unable to move.
They are like an oil lamp
    with the flame snuffed out.

Forget the Past

The Lord said:

18 Forget what happened long ago!
    Don’t think about the past.
19 I am creating something new.
    There it is! Do you see it?
I have put roads in deserts,
    streams[a] in thirsty lands.
20 Every wild animal honors me,
    even jackals[b] and owls.
I provide water in deserts—
streams in thirsty lands
    for my chosen people.
21 I made them my own nation,
    so they would praise me.

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  1. 43.19 streams: The Standard Hebrew Text; the Dead Sea Scrolls “paths.”
  2. 43.20 jackals: Desert animals related to wolves, but smaller.