The Helper of Israel

41 “Be silent(A) before me, you islands!(B)
    Let the nations renew their strength!(C)
Let them come forward(D) and speak;
    let us meet together(E) at the place of judgment.

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20 “Gather together(A) and come;
    assemble, you fugitives from the nations.
Ignorant(B) are those who carry(C) about idols of wood,
    who pray to gods that cannot save.(D)

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14 “Come together,(A) all of you, and listen:
    Which of the idols has foretold(B) these things?
The Lord’s chosen ally(C)
    will carry out his purpose(D) against Babylon;(E)
    his arm will be against the Babylonians.[a]

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  1. Isaiah 48:14 Or Chaldeans; also in verse 20

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