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God Will Punish the Nations

34 Come near, O nations, to hear! Listen, O people! Let the earth and all that is in it listen, the world and all that comes from it. For the Lord’s anger is against all the nations. And His anger is against all their armies. He has destroyed all of them. He has given them over to be killed. Their dead will be thrown out. Their dead bodies will give off a bad smell. The mountains will flow with their blood. All the stars of the heavens will waste away. And the sky will be rolled up like writings. All that are in them will waste away also, as a leaf dries up from the vine, or as one dries up from the fig tree. For My sword has drunk its fill in heaven. See, it will come down to punish Edom. It will come down upon the people whom I have given over to be destroyed. The sword of the Lord is covered with blood. It is filled with fat, with the blood of lambs and goats, and with the fat of the kidneys of rams. For the Lord has a killing in Bozrah, and much killing in the land of Edom. Wild oxen will fall with them, and young bulls with strong ones. So their land will be filled with blood, and their dust will become rich with fat. For the Lord has a day when He will punish, a year when He pays back which will help Zion. Edom’s rivers will be turned into tar, and its dust into sulphur. Her land will become burning tar. 10 Its fire will not be put out night or day. Its smoke will go up forever. From one family to their children’s children and on into the future, it will lie waste. No one will pass through it forever and ever. 11 But the pelican and hedgehog will have it for their own. The owl and raven will live in it. The Lord will make it into an empty waste land. 12 Its rulers will be gone. And no kings will be named there. All their rulers will be no more. 13 Thorns will grow in its strong towers. Thistles will grow in cities where battles were fought. It will be a place for wild dogs, and a home for ostriches. 14 The desert animals will meet with the wolves. The wild goats will cry to its kind. Yes, the night-demon will stop there and find a resting place. 15 The snake will make its nest and lay eggs there. Her young will be born from the eggs and she will gather them under her shadow. Yes, the hawks will be gathered there, every one with its kind.

16 Look in the book of the Lord, and read: Not one of these will be missing. None will be without its mate. For the mouth of the Lord has said so, and His Spirit has gathered them. 17 He will divide the land among them and give each of them a share. It will be theirs forever. From one family to their children’s children and on into the future, they will live in it.

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