The Judgment of Edom

When My sword has drunk its fill[a](A) in the heavens,
it will then come down on Edom(B)
and on the people I have set apart for destruction.
The Lord’s sword is covered with blood.
It drips with fat,
with the blood of lambs and goats,
with the fat of the kidneys of rams.(C)
For the Lord has a sacrifice in Bozrah,(D)
a great slaughter in the land of Edom.
The wild oxen will be struck[b] down with them,
and young bulls with the mighty bulls.
Their land will be soaked with[c] blood,
and their soil will be saturated with fat.

For the Lord has a day of vengeance,(E)
a time of paying back Edom
for its hostility against Zion.
Edom’s streams will be turned into pitch,
her soil into sulfur;(F)
her land will become burning pitch.
10 It will never go out—day or night.
Its smoke will go up forever.(G)
It will be desolate, from generation to generation;
no one will pass through it forever and ever.(H)
11 The desert owl[d] and the screech owl[e] will possess it,
and the great owl and the raven will dwell there.(I)
The Lord will stretch out a measuring line
and a plumb line over her
for her destruction and chaos.(J)
12 No nobles will be left to proclaim a king,
and all her princes will come to nothing.
13 Her palaces will be overgrown with thorns;
her fortified cities, with thistles and briers.(K)
She will become a dwelling for jackals,
an abode[f] for ostriches.(L)
14 The desert creatures will meet hyenas,
and one wild goat will call to another.
Indeed, the screech owl will stay there
and will find a resting place for herself.
15 The sand partridge[g] will make her nest there;
she will lay and hatch her eggs
and will gather her brood under her shadow.
Indeed, the birds of prey will gather there,
each with its mate.(M)
16 Search and read the scroll of the Lord:(N)
Not one of them will be missing,
none will be lacking its mate,
because He has ordered it by my[h] mouth,
and He will gather them by His Spirit.
17 He has ordained a lot for them;
His hand allotted their portion with a measuring line.
They will possess it forever;(O)
they will dwell in it from generation to generation.

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  1. Isaiah 34:5 DSS read sword will appear
  2. Isaiah 34:7 Or will go
  3. Isaiah 34:7 Or will drink its fill of
  4. Isaiah 34:11 Or The pelican
  5. Isaiah 34:11 Or the hedgehog
  6. Isaiah 34:13 DSS, LXX, Syr, Tg; MT reads jackals, grass
  7. Isaiah 34:15 Or The arrow snake, or The owl
  8. Isaiah 34:16 Some Hb mss; other Hb mss, DSS, Syr, Tg read His

Prophecies against Edom

About Edom, this is what the Lord of Hosts says:

Is there no longer wisdom in Teman?[a]
Has counsel perished from the prudent?
Has their wisdom rotted away?(A)
Run! Turn back! Lie low,
residents of Dedan,(B)
for I will bring Esau’s calamity on him
at the time I punish him.(C)
If grape harvesters came to you,
wouldn’t they leave some gleanings?(D)
Were thieves to come in the night,
they would destroy only what they wanted.(E)
10 But I will strip Esau bare;
I will uncover his secret places.(F)
He will try to hide himself, but he will be unable.
His descendants will be destroyed
along with his relatives and neighbors.
He will exist no longer.
11 Abandon your fatherless; I will preserve them;
let your widows trust in Me.(G)

12 “For this is what the Lord says: If those who do not deserve to drink the cup must drink it, can you possibly remain unpunished? You will not remain unpunished, for you must drink it too. 13 For by Myself I have sworn”—this is the Lord’s declaration—“Bozrah[b] will become a desolation, a disgrace, a ruin, and a curse, and all her cities will become ruins forever.”(H)

14 I have heard a message from the Lord;
a messenger has been sent among the nations:
Assemble yourselves to come against her.
Rise up for war!

15 Look, I will certainly make you insignificant among the nations,
despised among humanity.
16 As to the terror you cause,[c]
your presumptuous heart has deceived you.
You who live in the clefts of the rock,[d]
you who occupy the mountain summit,
though you elevate your nest like the eagle,
even from there I will bring you down.
This is the Lord’s declaration.(I)

17 “Edom will become a desolation. Everyone who passes by her will be horrified and scoff because of all her wounds.(J) 18 As when Sodom and Gomorrah were overthrown along with their neighbors,”(K) says the Lord, “no one will live there; no human being will even stay in it as a temporary resident.(L)

19 “Look, it will be like a lion coming from the thickets[e] of the Jordan to the watered grazing land. Indeed, I will chase Edom away from her land in a flash. I will appoint whoever is chosen for her. For who is like Me? Who will summon Me?(M) Who is the shepherd who can stand against Me?”

20 Therefore, hear the plans that the Lord has drawn up against Edom and the strategies He has devised against the people of Teman:(N) The flock’s little lambs will certainly be dragged away,(O) and their grazing land will be made desolate because of them. 21 At the sound of their fall the earth will quake; the sound of her cry will be heard at the Red Sea.(P) 22 Look! It will be like an eagle soaring upward, then swooping down and spreading its wings over Bozrah. In that day the hearts of Edom’s warriors will be like the heart of a woman with contractions.(Q)

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  1. Jeremiah 49:7 = a region or city in Edom
  2. Jeremiah 49:13 = Edom’s capital
  3. Jeremiah 49:16 Lit Your horror
  4. Jeremiah 49:16 = Petra
  5. Jeremiah 49:19 Lit pride

A Prophecy against Edom

35 The word of the Lord came to me: “Son of man, turn your face toward Mount Seir(A) and prophesy against it. Say to it: This is what the Lord God says:

Look! I am against you, Mount Seir.
I will stretch out My hand against you
and make you a desolate waste.(B)
I will turn your cities into ruins,
and you will become a desolation.
Then you will know that I am Yahweh.

“Because you maintained an ancient hatred(C) and handed over the Israelites to the power of the sword in the time of their disaster, the time of final punishment,(D) therefore, as I live”—this is the declaration of the Lord God—“I will destine you for bloodshed, and it will pursue you. Since you did not hate bloodshed, it will pursue you.(E) I will make Mount Seir a desolate waste and will cut off from it those who come and go.(F) I will fill its mountains with the slain;(G) those slain by the sword will fall on your hills, in your valleys, and in all your ravines. I will make you a perpetual desolation; your cities will not be inhabited. Then you will know that I am Yahweh.

10 “Because you said, ‘These two nations and two lands will be mine, and we will possess them’—though the Lord was there(H) 11 therefore, as I live”—the declaration of the Lord God—“I will treat you according to the anger and jealousy you showed in your hatred of them. I will make Myself known among them[a] when I judge you. 12 Then you will know that I, Yahweh, have heard all the blasphemies you uttered against the mountains of Israel, saying, ‘They are desolate. They have been given to us to devour!’ 13 You boasted against Me(I) with your mouth, and spoke many words against Me. I heard it Myself!

14 “This is what the Lord God says: While the whole world rejoices, I will make you a desolation. 15 Just as you rejoiced over the inheritance of the house of Israel because it became a desolation, so I will deal with you: you will become a desolation, Mount Seir, and so will all Edom in its entirety. Then they will know that I am Yahweh.


  1. Ezekiel 35:11 LXX reads you

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